Simec S.r.l.

Simec L.T. D is an Italian Company operating in the engineering sector. Its main business is the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of light and heavy vehicles,including SUVs like Land Rover, Nissan, Toyota of which the Comapny has an excellent technical knowledge. Simec l.t.d. was founded in January 1993 and it operates in the engineering field since17 years. The Company owns different machinery and equipment for the production of mechanical parts, spare parts and other products for industrial vehicles and machines as well as various carpentries. Among its various activities, Simec can claim the maintenance of the vehicle fleet of the Geotec spa. It is a Company of geophysical research operating in Italy and abroad, and that belongs to the same group. Today Simec LTD is established inside an industrial building of 1,000 square meters located at Via Barbato in Campobasso and it employs fifteen working units divided into: employees, turners, mechanical workers and coachbuilders. All staff have a high knowledge and experience in the engineering industry. Moreover, recently the management has started a process of expansion and improvement of the entire structure in order to offer greater quality and speed of treatment.

What we do

Mechanical Tools

  • Drill rods/augers
  • Threaded connections
  • Tool joints
  • Adapter subs
  • Repair, rethreading of connections to ensure multiple use of tools

Metal carpentry

  • Plasma metal cutting
  • Metal bending
  • Mig/Tig welding

Research & Development

Research & Development

Simec L.T.D. supports its production with an efficient technical department that carries out all the activities to ensure the fulfillment of the objectives of quality. These may relate to the study, the development, the finished product, the after sales service and the quality controls. All these activities are recorded on various types of media (paper, electronic supports etc…) to demonstrate the correspondence between what was planned and the results obtained. Thanks to its know-how and its consolidated experience, Simec L.T.D can satisfy the demand for prototypes too.


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